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Washington State Institute for Public Policy

COVID-19’s Impact on Student Learning

WSIPP receives ongoing funds from the legislature to support K-12 education research that is relevant to Washington State and informs policymakers’ decisions. Nationwide, there is interest in understanding how pandemic-induced school closures have impacted students’ learning and how to best support students going forward. With this in mind, WSIPP will conduct a study including the following:

  • Examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced students’ achievement in mathematics and English language arts (ELA) in Washington State,
  • Estimate how changes in math and ELA standardized test scores impact students’ future outcomes including earnings, and
  • Identify interventions that can support students’ academic achievement in the post-pandemic period.

To the extent that data allows, we will consider how impacts on learning vary by student, school, and district characteristics.

WSIPP will publish a report by August 1, 2023.

Julia Cramer, (360) 664-9073